Who we are?:

1- Bio Producciones S.A. was founded in 2012. Based on 30 years of experience in the agro-food industry and foreign trade, the available new information about vegan formulations, and their positive results in dogs, it made only sense to focus in developing a proprietary formula and brand.

2- We have worked on the provision of product formulation, processing, marketing and worldwide export of feed for different kind of animals (cattle, chicken, fish, etc) in association with large companies like Finning Argentina (Caterpillar) and Newsan, with exports of more than $ 235 MM, since 2013.

3- We have accomplished this in partnership with Bunge Argentina with operations  in Puerto General San Martin (Santa Fe), Tancacha (Córdoba) and Ramallo (Buenos Aires), in Argentina.

4- In all the manufacturing facilities we use it is prohibited the entry of any raw materials containing animal proteins or by-products.

5- These accomplishments gave us the necessary experience and knowledge to deal with the project of creating and marketing balanced pet food without the use of raw materials of animal origin.


Why “vegan” pet  food?:

1- While we recognize the product as vegan, it is much more than this. We have an in-house staff of professionals doing research and development exclusively for us, and focused on a healthy diet based on vegetable ingredients.

2- Nutritionally, it is a fact that we can meet dog’s nutritional needs with nutrients extracted exclusively from vegetable and mineral sources.

3- As in the human diet, a vegan diet only requires certain adjustments to replace some sources to achieve the same excellent results.

4- Given the significant growth of the global culture of healthy and natural foods, we understood that an opportunity was there standing before us and that we had the means and the ability to formulate a healthy product to fill that gap.