Signs Your Dog Has Allergies & How Vegan Dog Food Can Help

Is your pup scratching themself more than usual? Are their eyes watery? Those may be signs your dog has allergies. Just like us, dogs can suffer from allergies. They display allergic symptoms when their immune systems identify certain substances or allergens as a threat. The body responds by going a little haywire. And no matter [...]

6 Dog-Friendly Activities in Manhattan You and Your Pup Can Enjoy

Whether you’re simply visiting or a local, there are plenty of ways to bond with your dog in Manhattan. Enjoy a cultural outing with a trip to an art gallery, a shopping trip, a ferry ride, and more. Here are some of the dog-friendly activities in Manhattan that let you take your buddy out, burn [...]

5 Animal Shelters to Find Dogs for Adoption in Manhattan

Thinking of getting a furry addition to your family? Adopted dogs are usually the sweetest pups, brimming with happiness, just waiting for somebody to bring them home. Many of them are already house-trained and will transition seamlessly to being a part of your family. There are a few reasons why you should find dogs for [...]

Top 5 Professional Dog Walkers in Manhattan

While you’re away, your dog needs to exercise and socialize. However, finding someone you can trust enough with your furry friend can be anxiety-inducing. You see all these dog walkers offering up their services online, and you wonder if they’re the one for your beloved canine companion. Will they love and care for your dog? [...]

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