Dog Dapper: The 5 Top Dog Groomers in Manhattan

As a New Yorker living in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, you like to have your dog well-groomed and stylish. Whether the pooch is getting a haircut, high-end facial treatment, sleek coif, or bath using organic or cruelty-free products, there are dozens of options in this dog-loving city. Deciding where to [...]

The Best Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods and Dog Parks in Manhattan

There are many different ways you can practice fun outdoor dog exercises with your furry friend. Take them out for a daily walk or romp around the dog parks in Manhattan. Yes, there are plenty of dog walkers in New York, and you may be incredibly busy. However, if you want to bond with your [...]

How to Make the Switch to Vegan Dog Food

You’re probably living a vegan lifestyle. You don’t like feeding your canine companion regular dog food made out of meat and animal ingredients. You’re also aware of the ethical dilemma. You’re considering switching to cruelty-free, super healthy vegan dog food, however, you’re unsure of how to go about planning to keep your dog healthy on [...]

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